Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Brack

Plan was to run the Brack and Ben Donich, I had run these hills once before in 2010. Started at Ardgarten car park running down loch Long side before turning up Coilessan glen to the high point.

From here turn right onto the curving ridge to the Brack, wind picks up with height, happily its from behind blowing me up some steep slopes. Path fades in and out as it winds round a series of crags, hollows and grassy lumps.

The top too windy to hang about, straight over and down steep grassy slopes towards the bealach before Ben Donich. Too windy to go on to Ben Donich and dropped down to the forest road via the Donich access trail and short run back to Ardgarten checking out the Brack access trail on the way. More pictures here.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fairy Glen race

Club race, 3 mile laps at the far end of Balloch Park taking in Fairy Glen and the top of heart attack hill. 7:50 first lap, slowed to about 8:08 on lap two, couldn't drag out a sub 8 third and finished just outside 24 mins, a good wee test.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday evening run in the Luss hills

Home early and great weather, drove to the top of glen Luss. Route planned for an out and back over Beinn Eich to Cruach an t Sidhein. Slow jog up Eich, nice cooling breeze. Great views open up all round.

View from Beinn Eich to Cruach an t Sidhein

Ran down the back and traversed along the side of Beinn an Lochain, trashing my ankles but avoiding too much extra ascent. Slow plod up Cruachs steep flank.

View from Cruach an t Sidhein to Beinn Eich

Stopped to take in the views and for a few photos, easier run back along to Eich, only a few minutes real effort to get to the top. Last look at the views from Lui to Ailsa Craig. Easy run down to finish in about 3 hours. More pictures here.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Beinn Dubh, Mid hill, Coille Eughain hill

Short run this week, over Beinn Dubh along the ridge to Mid hill, dropping down to the glen, up to the top of the road and cross the river climbing up Coille Eughain hill before returning to the bottom of the glen over the Paps.

Tops in cloud on the way up, very warm with little breeze. Only a few hill walkers here today. On the top the clouds began to break up and a nice breeze for the run along to mid hill.


Easy run down then up the last bit of the glen road through thw field to the wee hidden bridge. Steady walk up CE hills steep flank. Good views from the top the sun catching the beaches on the islands on the loch.

Finished in about 2 hours 45 with a cool down in the river. More pictures here.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mid week Mid hill run

As a change to the hills round the Vale set off for the top of glen Luss and a run up and down Mid hill, the aim to run all the way, great night sunny with a cooling breeze.

Passed one hill walker coming down on my way up. On top ran along to the two small cairns, stopped for a few photos then back down to the glen. More photos here.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Narnain and the Cobbler

Late morning run set off in low cloud and drizzle. Started up the zig zags then along to the old block covered trail, one of my favourite descents I ran down last time, hadn't run up this way for a few years. Climb up through a series of grassy crags with short flattish bits between. Stopped half way up to put on a decent jacket as the breeze picked up, met a couple of runners coming down.

The last up bit rather rocky, named the Spearhead.  Didn't hang about on the exposed top. Running down to bealach a'Mhaim past a busy path construction team. Ran up the back steps to the Cobblers top.

Quiet today in the mist and rain. Steady run down the slippy steps and the tourist path back to Succoth just under 3 hours. A few more pictures here.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Cort Ma Law hill race

Great conditions for this race blue skies and a breeze to keep the midges away. Kit checked and we were off and running slowly up the steep trail to the Lairs then CML. Ran most of the way to the top, a couple of short walks on steep rocky parts. Pick up the pace as the gradient eases, over a few minor tops and a couple of bogs before the top of CML always people to pass and a few getting past me. CML to Lecket hill fun, the bogs not as big this year but still slows other people more than me. Steady run into the gulley keeping something for the climb out and run back. Short walk then manage a slow jog through the tussocks gradually increasing the effort. Over the fence onto smoother turf keep pushing and passing other runners. Hit the downslope hard and pick off another 3 or so runners to finish under 69 minutes, about 3 minutes quicker than last year.