Saturday, November 24, 2018

Ted Baker Pappert Well Race

Club race, just over 5 miles and about 800' of climb from Bonhill out and back with a loop past Pappert Well. Road , hardcore path then muddy trail round the loop. Good run to finish inside 50 minutes.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Arrochar Alps

First run in the Arrochar Alps for a few weeks. Late morning start, blue skies and a few clouds. Not as many as usual in the car park for a day as good as this.

Ran up the zig zags and along the path beside the Buttermilk burn past the Narnain Boulders. Up the back stairs of the Cobbler, jacket, hat and gloves on in the cool breeze.

Couple of pictures at the top then off towards Narnain, clouds swirling around both peaks. Found a man made wall and sat behind sheltering out of the wind to see if the clouds would clear, no luck!

Back via the Buttermilk burn path and the zig zags to finish in just over 3 hours.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Tinto Hill Race

Just over an hours drive to get to Symington to register for this short Autumn race. A quick sandwich and coffee refuel in Tinto Hill Cafe before a short warm up. 200 plus set off at 2pm , started near the back, gradual climb to start then steeper with a few flat bits and rough patches. Kept a stesdy jog all the way up,  reached the top a couple of mins slower than last year. Round the huge cairn and off down, probably took it a bit too easy passing a few but just tracking a couple of other runners. Worked a bit harder down the last steep bit before the gradual muddy descent to the finish in 50 minutes. Good fun but need to push a bit harder up and down.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Fort William Weekend

Arrived in Glen Nevis Friday afternoon, tent up, dinner on. Freezing outside, lucky I had an electric heater for the tent, more than most of the few campers who had braved the conditions.

Saturday, early rise before driving to Glenfinan to try the Corryhully Horseshoe. Two munros Sgurr nan Coireachan and Sgurr Thuilm separated by an undulating ridge.

The first three miles are up an estate road that passes underneath the viaduct and onto a rough track. The munro paths are signposted.

Sgurr nan Coireachan from Sgurr Thuilm

Sgurr Thuilm from Sgurr nan Coireachan

Set off towards Sgurr nan Coireachan, the initial climb up an outlier called Sgurr a'Choire Riabhaich, The path gradually dissapeared with increase in snow depth/height. A walker had already been up and his footprints were a guide to where he thought the path was. He lost it a few times but always came back! Towards the top of Riabhaich the path dissappeared completely. The walker in front had taken a steep direct route for the top.

Sgurr nan Coireachan's summit, I turned back at the top of the "white" bit below the rocky summit, about 50' from the top. There were three walkers behind, they continued on and made it over the top ok. Dropped back down to the glen on the path I had come up. On the way down I decided to go up Sgurr Thuilm rather than cut my run short. An easy path over boggy ground at first then steeper and drier with height and back into the snow. Met the walker I had followed up the first hill on his way down after completing the circuit. Continued up the snow ridge Druim Coire a'Beithe to a small knoll before Sguir Thuilms summit.

Sgurr Thuilm's summit cone.

Wind was rather strong and chilling. Decided that was far enough and turned back towards the glen. One side of me too hot in the sun the other frozen in the wind. There was about 10 people out on the route today, 5 going each way.

View down Glenfinnan from ridge Druim Coire a'Beithe.

About 15 miles and 4500' of ascent,  mile or two further than the planned route, with a wee bit more ascent.

Sunday, plan was for another new route the Loch Lochy munros, decided to try Ben Nevis via tourist route instead, no steep bits! Slow Jog and walk to the Red Burn where the ground was icy as any snow had  melted and refrozen. perfect conditions, blue skies, sun and no wind.

Meall an t-Suidhe loch from the Red Burn.

Brisk walk to the top, for stunning views to the Mamores and over the Aonachs to the Grey Corries.

One of those days you could stay a the top forever! Great run down the shallow snowy path, micro spikes on for the last couple of icy zig zags to the Red Burn.

Monday, time for home, decided to have a short run on the way. Stopped behind Glencoe village for a run up the Pap of Glencoe, walked most of the up, stunning views all round, fun run back down over boulders and loose scree.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Luss Horseshoe

Parked at the bottom of Glen Luss and set off up Beinn Dubh, steady run, not many out in today's mist.

Ran past the cairn and along the ridge round the corries to Mid Hill

Sun and rainbows making a brief appearance. Down Mid Hill, ran up the Glen road and across the river for the steep climb up Coille Eughain Hill.

Running down the paps encountered a herd of cows, they walked away to the left then charged after me as I ran past. Stopped and said hello before we went our separate ways.

Finished inside three hours at the bottom of the glen.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Luss Horseshoe

Shorter run thus week, started at the top of Glen Luss with a slow plod up Beinn Eich. Into the clouds on the way up and all the way along, over Beinn an Lochain to Doune Hill.

Cloud began to clear revealing a red autumnal glen below.

Rain set in for the descent off Doune Hill and climb up Mid Hill, a quick visit to the first cairn then an easy run down to finish in just over 3 1/2 hours in the Glen. More pictures here.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Arrochar Run

Hadn't been in the Arrochar hills for a while and wanted to see how hard it is to avoid the new higher fees for the usual car parks at the top of Loch Long. Drove passed them and started up the Rest and Be Thankful, plenty of smaller parking spaces and lay byes. Started up a wet path beside a burn then east up the rear of the Cobbler on pathless grassy ground. Followed a series of grassy gullies working my way round a few rocky outcrops.

Views to Beinn an Lochain, Ben Donich and the Brack opening up as I climbed, no one else climbing this side of the Cobbler, could see a couple climbing Luibhean, which was planned to be my last hill. Kept to the left of the Cobblers rocky summit ridge on a small path.

Good views and the usual crowd at the top, didn't stay long, ran off for the back stairs. Short trudge and I'm soon up on Narnains flat top. Less people here and a couple of Ptarmigan wandering around.

A few pictures then off for Ime, longer climb and a few more people.

Stopped for a quick refuel at the top and to work out the best way to Luibhean, a hill I hadn't been on before. Ran back a few yards then turned south west down steep grassy and bouldery ground to a boggy bealach before the short climb to Luibheans flat topped summit.

Took in the views then followed a faint path south/south east, the path fades and followed the ridge as it twists back down towards the rest and be thankful. Good run finished in just over 4 hours. More pictures here.